Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Numero Sei

"Run Lola Run" played last night to a packed crowd out in the open on a beautiful night at Darling Harbour. The film was accompanied by an improvised sound track produced live by The Bays who delivered a faced-paced, scintillating performance, complimenting the movie superbly.

Sydney certainly knows how to have a good time and the crowd was packed in on the forecourt of Tumbalong Park, but pervaded by a warm, friendly mood. I met an interesting German architect, Matt, whose firm is currently working on the rebuilding of St Barnabas Church, Ultimo, destroyed by fire some years ago. And for me the evening was made doubly enjoyable with the delightful company of Jennifer, my youngest daughter.

It may well be the only Sydney Festival event that I get to this year: I'm well on the way to completing the new window for St Bede's Catholic Church at Pyrmont, but there's not a day to lose. I've promised installation by the end of this month and the parish priest has booked the blessing for Sunday 1st February! The window is an image of Christ in Majesty surrounded by the Four Evangelists, based loosely on a wooden altar frontal from the early 12th century, now in the Musee de Arte de Cataluna, Barcelona. You will find an image of the full-size charcoal cartoon on my Red Bubble site

Also on that site is an image of the ventilation panel I've just completed for Barmedman Catholic Church Although only 70cm x 50cm, this was a major restoration project with over 75% of the original glass destroyed by vandalism. The face was particularly difficult as you will see the original paint work is quite fine.

I was sub-contracting on this job to Kerry Anschaw of Dove Stained Glass in Wagga Wagga. And my thanks go to Clive Hillier for his assistance: after I'd completed the painting, Clive took care of the fabrication while I carried on with the St Bede's window..

A little before Christmas I was in Springwood to help my friend Owen Thompson, the watercolourist, celebrate his 50th birthday. While in the Blue Mountains I took the opportunity to re-stock one of the very few galleries which carry my work: the Hartley Valley Teahouse, which incorporates the former Aldgate Gallery. If you're travellig over the mountains this is a delightful place to take a break.

Located on the corner of the Highway and Baaners Lane, just to the west of Victoria Pass, the establishment also boasts a well stocked nursery. The restauranteurs Duncan and Barbara serve some of the best food to be found in the area and the gallery features a wide variety of 3-dimensional objects and wall art from all around the country. As well as stained glass, the gallery is aslo showing a number of my pencil drawings and abstract works in pastel.

Up the mountain at Blackheath is a new glass gallery, Keith Rowe Glass. Intially located in Glebe in Sydney's inner west, Keith has been established in Blackheath now for many years and has a wide following. Some 6months ago he took the bold step of opening a retail outlet in the local shopping centre. His partner Kayo has a glass engraving studio at the new premises, where she keeps an eye on the shop.