Friday, February 19, 2010


I have 5x new glass paintings featuring in Studio Dome's Wings and Horns, part of the official Mardi Gras arts program, opening Tuesday 23rd Feb at 6pm.
UPDATE:If you have viewed this post previously and are wondering where the image has gone, I decided to delete it in deference to those who may not be prepared to view such blatantly erotic imagery in there workplace. Sorry.

The Glass Painting Weekend workshop held a t Finn's Art Glass (Feb 6th, 7th) went very well, with 10x happy students walking away with a good basic knowledge of the techniques and processes involved in painting on glass. We covered a lot of historical aspects as well and everyone was given a list of world-renowned glass painters to research, including Ellen Mandelbaum, Judith Schaechter, Richard Millard (who was in Australia recently, teaching at the Geaoffrey Wallace studios in Melbourne), Patrick Rentiens and Albinus Elskus as well as the Australians such as Paddy Robinson, Gerry Cummins, Klaues Zimmer, Philip Handel, Stephen Moor, Kevin Little and Martin ven der Toorn. Martin is still alive but well and truly retired; Kevin is perhaps nearing that stage (he keeps talking about it!) while Paddy and Gerry are still actively working. Moor passed away about 5years ago now, Zimmer in 2008 and Handel died in July last year.

With two students already enrolled there will most likely be another glass painting class sometime in April.

The next workshop I'll be taking with Finn's will be "Designing for Stained Glass" (March 20th, 21st) in which we will cover sources of inspiration, drawing from life, generating a 'cartoon' or design sketch, preparation of the cutline, structural considerations such as framing, wind loading, reinforcement, weather proofing, longevity and installation methods. We will also discuss building codes and licensing issues. For this workshop I hope to give a slide show of some of the great contemporary stained glass designers.

You can enroll in this weekend workshop by calling Renèe on 61.2.97711522.