Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back in the Studio

Still a bit knocked out; the work involved in setting up an exhibition in another city and then bringing it all back to the studio is kindof enormous. Especially being on the first floor of a run down building in which the goods lift is seldom operating. But the Australian Designers and Creators in Old Parliament House, Canberra was a good show with some very strong interest in my work and 2x definite commissions ready to start.

While the days were long and hard my friend assisting me on the stall, Victor and I were treated to real Canberran hospitality: dinner with Robyn Spencer and Jeremy Gregson Friday night; dinner with Judi Elliott and her husband Bob Saturday night; dinner on Red Hill care of Rozlyn de Bussy and her partner Chris on Sunday night then breakfast at Deli Marco with Ann McMahon, artist and independent curator, before heading back to Sydney on Monday.

And so it's back to work: I'm currently involved in the restoration of 3x windows for St Jame's Catholic Church at Forest Lodge in Sydney. Only one of the windows in the Church shows a signature: Radeke, 1932. The ones that I'm rebuilding are considerably older than that. The Church is very fortunate in having a very active congregation. One of the members is currently researching all the families who are mentioned in the dedications of the stained glass windows. I expect the restoration project to be completed by late August.