Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Waldron Window

Drove to Canberra on Monday to install the private commission that I've been working on for the past month. Everything went very well and Bob and Diane are extremely happy with their artwork. They had seen my work at the Austrlian Designers and Creators Expo in Old Parliament House in May this year. While I sold very little from the floor at that show it is commissions such as this which make participating in such exhibitions worth all the effort.

Arriving at a design solution which satisfied the desires of the clients turned out to be surprisingly difficult and rather protracted but I feel that they have pushed me toward achieving a brilliant result, one that I am very excited with myself. So here are a couple of details of the window:

You can see in these details that I've added a fair amount of decoration using glass paint fired onto the coloured glass, both black and also a lovely green black, a new paint I've been experimenting with from Reusche. Loving this paint! Have also incorporated a couple of lenses, some rondels, a fasceted jewel and a slice of agate from the clients' mineral collection. Lots of little bits of old etched and decorated glass also.

On another subject entirely and not about me at all, Wayne Pearson has been nominated Artist of the Month on the website Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass. Go check it out!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Open Studio

As part of Art and About I'm opening my studio this weekend along with 90 other artists around Sydney's inner suburbs, with Start Studio Art Fest.

Also I've just created a new Calendar for 2011 available via the Red Bubble website for $29.00 +postage. But if you're quick and would like extra copies as Xmas presents, Red Bubble is offering quantity discounts for just a few more days!

The collaborative project for Kurrajong Catholic Church, with Salvatore Zoffrea is proceeding, though it's still in the early stages of development.This is the trial piece I am making, based on one of Zoffrea's watercolours. We just had a meeting to discuss the work: moderately successful at this stage. The image on the left shows the glass cut and waxed up. The right hand image shows the piece painted with the first layer of glass paint, though as yet unfired.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Me!

You have just two weeks left to check out the Wayne Pearson portraits of glass artists, reverse painted on large slabs of 10mm clear glass, now hanging at the Glass Artists Gallery. The photo above was taken at the opening night. None of the works are for sale as they form part of Wayne's Masters presentation at Sydney College of the Arts, but the Director of the gallery invited each of the five artists whose portrait is displayed to show examples of work they are known for. So I have two of my new Square Mirrors in the gallery(and these ARE for sale!)

The other artists represented are Shar Morman,Marc Elliott, Richard Clements and the Director Maureen Cahill.

The next exhibition, Full Circle, opens 26th October, a joint show of work by architectural glass artist Paddy Robinson and her daughter Bridget Thomas who has just completed a degree in glass at ANU Canberra.